Welcome, 2015!

January 1st is probably one of the most cliche days of the year. Everyone symbolizes it as a fresh start, a time to start clean, and the most cliche thing of them all: new year resolutions.

I admit, writing a post with the title “Welcome, 2015!” is pretty cliche on my part as well. The first resolution that came into my mind was to blog more this year. And to do this, I wanted to write a post every day in order to improve my writing and to force myself to write more. It’s also an outlet to express my feelings and thoughts instead of bundling them in like I used to.

See, 2014 was a rough year for me. For many reasons, it could be the worst year ever. But for many more reasons, it was probably also the best year ever. I worked in a full-time position for 8/12 months, which allowed me to learn a lot more than I could ever learn by studying in school. I got to meet some of my greatest YouTuber inspirations in person at Buffer Festival. I travelled with my best friend to Chicago. And I discovered more about myself. But that’s the worst part.

I’m more confused than ever.

2015 is going to be the biggest learning year in my life to date. I have one more year until graduation and my last co-op term is coming up in the summer. One more year to discover what I really want to focus on and one more chance to land a job that will potentially launch my career.

Big-Hero-6-Baymax-850x560I started the year off by watching Big Hero 6 with my sister and cried during the last part. I hope this doesn’t dictate what is to come for the rest of the year: crying at every sad scene that happens in my life. I just really want my own Baymax.


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