DVLB: Death Valley’s Little Brother

Located near Uptown Waterloo, DVLB is a little, quaint cafe that serves a variety of caffeinated drinks including coffees, lattes, and even whiskey! (although I can’t say how good that is because I haven’t tried it… yet.)

The outside of the cafe is quite subtle. It’s nothing flashy at all; just a sign with the letters DVLB above the storefront. If you didn’t look closely while going down King Street, you would probably miss it. At least I did until my friend pointed it out to me.

There is a wooden theme going on throughout the decor of the place which makes it look rustic and comforting. The tables, the stools, even the bar where the drinks are made incorporated the use of a wooden texture. Black and white photographs adorn the walls to add a modest touch of art work without being too flashy.


I sat at a huge table near the entrance of a cafe which looked like it was pulled from old pieces of a door. The large table brought in a communal aspect so others could sit around it as well. I didn’t mind; I love being around people. In fact, I felt even more motivated to work because of the energy I was getting from other people. My favourite spot in particular is at the corner of the table with the entrance to my left and the rest of the cafe to my left.


There’s a wall in particular right at the entrance of a beautiful rabbit with what looks like feathery antlers rising above its head. I’m not quite sure what the significance of the rabbit was, but it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the way that these antlers growing out of the rabbit flowed above and bordered the wall to create an effortless drapery effect that allows the eyes to travel. It’s pretty calming to look at, and inspired this Instagram photo:


Headband – Ardene
Kimono – Forever 21
Black crop top – American Apparel
Shorts – Garage

My friend recommended me to try one of their summer drinks during my first visit here. This is called an affogato, which is basically a coffee-based beverage. It contains a scoop of vanilla ice cream with two shots of espresso. It was delicious. For someone like me who gets affected by caffeine easily, this drink definitely makes me alert and a bit jittery. I’m actually having one right now as I type this blog post and let me tell you, I have never typed faster than I am now. I highly recommend this drink while its still available for the summer!


This has become one of my favourite spots in this city. You don’t come across these types of environments very often and I intend to cherish the times I spend in here while I’m in Waterloo. I found that during the lunch hours, it gets quite loud and busy with the amount of customers coming in and out. But once it hits around 3pm, it quiets down a ton and the environment is absolutely lovely. I can’t stand complete silence while working and I love being around people, so this cafe is perfect for me. Don’t be afraid to talk to people here too, everyone is super friendly!

IMG_3258 IMG_3265

DVLB, I have fallen in love with you.


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