Email Etiquette

In a world where technology and the Internet dominates a majority of people’s lives, email has become the number one go-to form of communication. It’s fast, it’s instant, it’s… frustrating

Why you may ask? Because we are so accustomed to this fast-paced society and we expect everything to happen instantaneously, waiting for a reply to an important email can feel like an eternity. Literally, forever.

Advances in technology have allowed us to connect our email to our phones. I don’t knowΒ anyone without their email message notifications connected to their phones… So what excuse is there not to reply within a reasonable time frame?

I cannot stress how anxious I feel right now waiting for people to reply to my emails. I have sent emails to event organizers, professors in my school, TA’s… Just a lot of important people which require immediate responses.

Now, I’ve heard that the “email etiquette way” is to give that person at least 24 hours to respond. I could wait 2, andΒ maybe 3 days. And I understand that on weekends, people normally don’t check their work emails. But is there really an excuse not to respond urgently? Or at least give some sort of indication that if they are not able to respond to me with the right answer that I could be redirected to someone else?

Communication requires two people. TWO PEOPLE BACK AND FORTH.

This may just be the anger coming out of me, but I’m speaking for all of us who rely on instant communication and response:Β get your email game together.


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