A letter to myself, 3 years later.

I found a letter that I wrote to myself before I started university and it almost brought me to tears. I want to share with you what was going through my head when I was reading it again, 3 years later.

My letter was full of excitement about starting university and the new independence that I will be gaining from living away from my home. I wrote about all the things that I was looking forward to and all the things I was fearing. The last line I wrote in that letter was, “I hope that you’re happy with where you are now.”

Looking back at what was going on in my life 3 years ago when I wrote that, I would have never imagined the outcome of my life right now. Of course, many things have changed since I wrote that letter: I’ve grown as a person (but definitely not height, I’m still standing at 5’), I have loved and I have learned, and in a way, I feel like I’ve become a lot stronger.

Over these past 3 years, I have learned a valuable lesson.

Any decision that you make in your life is going to affect you in some way and moulds you into the person that you are. You can’t control your future, but you can control events that lead to the future. Why would you make yourself miserable by always being down on yourself when you can choose to live events that can make you happy?

Am I happy with where I am now? Of course. I may not always show it, but I am ultimately living a thankful life. You can’t take life for granted, it’s a precious thing. There may be times when events in your life will get you down, but you just have to be strong and pick yourself up.

Happiness is a choice.


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