Unreasonable People

When you encounter situations in your life that didn’t go how you expected it to, you get a wave of disappointment.

I had that encounter today while trying to negotiate with a person, but that person wouldn’t comply with my reasoning. I thought I was being fairly reasonable with what I was asking for, but they refused to take anything I said into any consideration. No second thought. Nothing. That was it. Period.

Do you know how frustrating that is? It would be understandable if that person gave me logical reasons as to why they didn’t want to compromise with me. But refusing to take in anything I say into thought nor take the time to even understand my reasoning is extremely unreasonable.

I’m sorry that this post lacked context as to what my situation was actually about, but I hope that it can be related to other situations where people are just being so damn unreasonable.

I just wanted to get this out there that sometimes, we just need to step back and assess the situation before making a bold remark.

..maybe I should have done that before creating this post. Oops.

But these are my thoughts after all.


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