The Start of Something New

I guess this isn’t the first blog that I’ve started in my lifetime. I’ve come from the ancient age of MySpace, circa 2005 (before Facebook took over the world) and the most popular blogging site at the time, Xanga. I’ve jumped numerous times from one blogging powerhouse to another, yet I can never find myself settling into one for very long. I guess you can say that I’ve stayed with Tumblr for the longest out of them all (nearing my 4 year mark very soon, EEEEE!!!), but does one really count that as a real blog? After all, I’m just reblogging image posts, and text posts, and quote posts… Yeah, not really I guess.

You might be wondering why I decided to start yet another blog that I may potentially ditch after a few weeks?

I’m not expecting anyone to read this, nor do I really want any one to (at least for the time being). But I felt that I wanted to express my thoughts through something instead of keeping it all to myself. I am currently running an inconsistent YouTube channel ( where I post videos on fashion, little challenges with my friends, and travel documentaries. As much as I would love to keep it consistent by uploading often, school restricts the amount of time that I can get things accomplished. I figured that maaaaybe blogging could fill the void.

So this blog will tie into my YouTube channel and it’ll give me another outlet where I can express myself. I’m a pretty open-minded person (my friends can vouch that for me, right guys? RIGHT?!), and studying in an arts program in University, I love to be creative rather than being restricted.

Let’s take another stab at blogging and see how long this will last, shall we?


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