Profs Need to Learn HOW to Teach

Imagine this:

You walk into your university or college lecture and take a seat somewhere among the hundreds of seats available in the room. You turn on your laptop (or if you’re old-fashioned, take out a notebook and pen) and your professor comes stumbling in with a briefcase. As he sets up and starts lecturing, you notice that he’s speaking at a volume that’s probably only audible to the first two rows and he fidgets around, not even bothering to acknowledge the class. Your prof continues to rant on and on and no one in the lecture seems to be paying attention because the prof himself seems disinterested in the topic. Your mind begins to drift away and you become sucked into the world of social media (or if you’re ambitious, take a nap).

Sound familiar?

In my opinion, if high school and elementary teachers are required to attend teacher’s college before entering the school system as a teacher, why is that not required of professors? They are “teaching” as well nonetheless. If anything, they are providing more knowledge for those of us in university or college because this is potentially what we will be using to apply to our jobs in our future lives. If professors lack communication and teaching skills, why bother “teaching” a class if their content isn’t going to be absorbed properly?

I strongly push for professors taking some sort of teaching skills course in order to properly lecture to a class. This is why so many students skip class. I’ve gotten some quotes from my friends that they “learn better from the textbook than from the professor”. So what’s the use of the professor in this case? You are paying them for your education. They are the ones who should be held responsible for providing you with knowledge, and for this knowledge to be communicated effectively across to students. If professors could use some of the strategies learned in teacher’s college, I believe that learning would be more enjoyable for some in our upper years if profs were more approachable and enjoyable to listen to.

Do you think some professors should be taught how to teach?


Unreasonable People

When you encounter situations in your life that didn’t go how you expected it to, you get a wave of disappointment.

I had that encounter today while trying to negotiate with a person, but that person wouldn’t comply with my reasoning. I thought I was being fairly reasonable with what I was asking for, but they refused to take anything I said into any consideration. No second thought. Nothing. That was it. Period.

Do you know how frustrating that is? It would be understandable if that person gave me logical reasons as to why they didn’t want to compromise with me. But refusing to take in anything I say into thought nor take the time to even understand my reasoning is extremely unreasonable.

I’m sorry that this post lacked context as to what my situation was actually about, but I hope that it can be related to other situations where people are just being so damn unreasonable.

I just wanted to get this out there that sometimes, we just need to step back and assess the situation before making a bold remark.

..maybe I should have done that before creating this post. Oops.

But these are my thoughts after all.

The Start of Something New

I guess this isn’t the first blog that I’ve started in my lifetime. I’ve come from the ancient age of MySpace, circa 2005 (before Facebook took over the world) and the most popular blogging site at the time, Xanga. I’ve jumped numerous times from one blogging powerhouse to another, yet I can never find myself settling into one for very long. I guess you can say that I’ve stayed with Tumblr for the longest out of them all (nearing my 4 year mark very soon, EEEEE!!!), but does one really count that as a real blog? After all, I’m just reblogging image posts, and text posts, and quote posts… Yeah, not really I guess.

You might be wondering why I decided to start yet another blog that I may potentially ditch after a few weeks?

I’m not expecting anyone to read this, nor do I really want any one to (at least for the time being). But I felt that I wanted to express my thoughts through something instead of keeping it all to myself. I am currently running an inconsistent YouTube channel ( where I post videos on fashion, little challenges with my friends, and travel documentaries. As much as I would love to keep it consistent by uploading often, school restricts the amount of time that I can get things accomplished. I figured that maaaaybe blogging could fill the void.

So this blog will tie into my YouTube channel and it’ll give me another outlet where I can express myself. I’m a pretty open-minded person (my friends can vouch that for me, right guys? RIGHT?!), and studying in an arts program in University, I love to be creative rather than being restricted.

Let’s take another stab at blogging and see how long this will last, shall we?